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Allergy Season is Here!

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Are your allergies keeping you awake at night? If so, follow these

simple steps to help you get a better night's sleep this allergy season.  

 First, be sure to keep your bedroom dust and allergen free. Vacuum carpets and soft furnishings regularly and wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth to keep dust to a minimum.  

 Try to take a shower before you go to bed, this will ensure you wash off any pollen that you have picked up during the day, both on your clothes and on your skin. And try to keep your pets out of the bedroom. Not only is pet dander a known allergy trigger, pets can also bring pollen into the house from outside.  

 And finally, be sure to take your allergy medication before going to bed.

 There is no guarantee you can avoid all allergens this spring. But by following these few simple steps you should be able to keep your allergies to an absolute minimum at night. Allowing you to enjoy a restful, allergy free night's sleep.

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