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Toxins found in our brains linked to air pollution

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We know that pollution from cars and vehicles is bad for our health, respiratory problems, heart disease and certain cancers can all be linked to low quality air. According to a team from the UK and Mexico, pollution from industry and vehicles is also leaving its mark on our brains ... literally.
As part of their research, they carried out postmortems on a group of people from Manchester UK and New Mexico. They found significant levels of metallic nano particles in the brains of people who had been exposed to high levels of air pollution. So what's a 'metallic nano particle' you might ask. Metallic nano particles include things like platinum, nickel, and cobalt, none of which belong in our brains.

And it doesn't stop there, unusually high levels of something known as 'magnetite nano particles' were also found. Now magnetites can occur naturally in our brains but not in the quantities found as part of the study. High levels of magnetites have been linked to Alzheimer's and other neuro degenerative diseases.

It seems the list of health problems related to air pollution continues to grow. The effects are wide and varied, brain disorders, heart disease, lung and respiratory problems. It affects our children, even those yet to be born. It affects the young, the old and those in between. It's in our homes, on our streets and in our workplaces. No one can escape it.

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