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Baby's Breath Air Filter

Austin Air

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The Baby’s Breath™ provides a comprehensive air cleaning solution, removing allergens, asthma irritants, sub-micron particles, chemicals and noxious gases. Every minute, The Baby’s Breath™ draws over 125 cubic feet of air through a 4-stage HEGA filter containing Activated Military Carbon Cloth and over 30 square feet of True Medical Grade HEPA. The result, more clean air delivered faster and more efficiently than any other air cleaner on the market.

STAGE 1 – Large Particle Pre-filter Removes particles easily seen by the naked eye (e.g. dust, hair and pet dander)
STAGE 2 – Medium Particle Pre-filter Removes small to medium size particles (e.g. molds, spores and pollen)
STAGE 3 – 30 ft. of True Medical Grade HEPA Removes harmful micro-organisms (e.g. bacteria and viruses)
STAGE 4 – Activated Military Carbon Cloth Removes chemicals, gases and odors (e.g. formaldehyde and ammonia).



When is the Baby’s Breath Air Purifier the best choice?

  • When you are looking for a filter that is uniquely designed to protect your baby from air contamination
  • When you want to ensure a healthy nursery environment, and removes viruses and bacteria from the air
  • When you want a filter that removes particles in the air including dust, pollens and gases called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from indoor sources

Effective for an area up to 700 sq/ft*
*Assuming average residential ceiling heights of 8 ft.